Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Today's quick write...The pigeon and the spy......

The kids asked me to post a video we watched to inspire our writing today. Take a look and see how 3 different students interpreted the movie and used their description symbols (look, see, feel, say, smell etc). The writing feature we targeted was to try and use 'onomatopoeia' this is a word that sounds like the action it describes......

Pigeon v the Man by JD

One day Walter was going to a beach, he sat down and then the pigeon smelt  his donut. The man gave him a piece but he didn't get it and the pigeon went crazy! The pigeon went into the mans briefcase and he felt like 'WOW'! The pigeon tasted the crumbs and he could hear the foot steps tip tap of people on the street. He could see so many buttons.......

The Pigeon and the Suitcase by Harriet

While I was inside the suitcase I could see the crumbs from the donut. I could feel the buttons, I could see the buttons. I could hear the spy screaming "aaaaaaaaaaah" I went 'bbbrrrrrrrrrr - bbbrrrrrrrr'.

The Spy and the Pigeon by Scarlett MH

One sunny day a spy was sitting on a park bench eating a donut when he could see a pigeon . The pigeon was a very silly pigeon though. I think he could smell the donut so the spy threw him a piece of donut. It went behind him and he turned back again. The pigeon fell backwards into the briefcase. He pushed all of the buttons and some lasers came out. You could hear the pigeon going 'brrrrrrr' and the lasers going 'phew' 'phew'

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